January 21, 2010

"Radium water actually even less healthy than you already thought."

Oh, no! We're going to have to look elsewhere for revigatoring.


Nomilk said...
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Nomilk said...

I can no longer sit back and allow . . .

El Pollo Real said...

We're going to have to look elsewhere for revigatoring

Forget about O2 bars: Link

rhhardin said...

Fortunately lead pipes leech a little of that protective metal into the water.

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BlogDog said...

My family had one of those jugs when I was a child. Until a friend who worked for the Bureau of Standards brought over a Geiger Counter. The jug was subsequently buried a few feet deep by the no-longer used sandbox.
This may explain my life in some way....

Chris said...

Radium water is awesome. Pure laugh out loud funny water.

KLDAVIS said...

The first comment on that story made me laugh out loud.